Ashley Blamey

Ashley Blamey named Title IX Coordinator for UT System

Read the announcement from Feb. 2, 2018

The System Title IX Coordinator will assist the University in achieving its goals of facilitating and enhancing the Title IX compliance program across all campuses and institutes. As a system-level coordinating presence, this position will carry responsibilities including tracking best practices and legal developments; collaborating with other UT Title IX officials in policy evaluation and development; measuring program effectiveness; identifying optimal training, prevention and awareness-building efforts and resources for their implementation; and annual reporting on the frequency and nature of incidents and complaints.

This position resides within the Office of Audit and Compliance, a system-wide function, reporting to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees. Within the Office of Audit and Compliance is the Office of Institutional Compliance which provides independent oversight of the University of Tennessee’s compliance programs to assure that the University is compliant with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations as well as University policies. The office was established in 2008 to continue the University’s commitment to meeting the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility.