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FY 2011 Appropriations Requests


  • Challenger Center & STEM Ed - $3M (Labor HHS Ed)
  • New Wave of Computational Engineering to Enhance the Nation’s Competitiveness in the Global Economy - $5M (E&W)


  • New Technology for Infectious Disease Pathogens – $2M (DOD)
  • Tennessee Telehealth Partnership - $780,000 (Labor-H)


  • Law Enforcement Innovation Center - $2.5M and language (CJS)


  • Atmospheric Science Research - $3M (CJS)
  • Ultra-fast Manufacturing - $1.6M (E&W)


  • Education for the Future of Nuclear Security - $65M (E&W/nnsa)
  • UTK/UTIA Invasive Species Management - $3M (Interior and Ag)
  • Forensic IED Analysis to Combat Terrorism - $8.6M for UTK out of $155.5M programmatic request (DOD)
  • Partnership for Energy and Automation Technologies - $10M for UTK out of $110M programmatic request (DOD)
  • Collaborative for Enhancing Education and Math and Sciences - $1.5M (Labor-H)
  • National Institute for Railway Engineering - $2M (THUD)


  • Bioenergy Production and Carbon Sequestration - $1.25M (Ag)
  • UTK/UTIA - Invasive Species Management - $3M (Interior and Ag)
  • Shelby County Shapes Up - $1M (Ag)
  • Developing New Plant Sources for Biofuels - $1M (Ag)
  • Estimating Local and Global Impacts of Biofuels and Climate Change Policies - $2M (Ag)
  • Appalachian Horticulture - $2M (Support USDA budget request)
  • West TN Cropping System Research $1M (Support USDA budget request)

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