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107th General Assembly

(NOTE: The University of Tennessee Office of State Relations actively tracks in excess of three hundred bills that pertain to or impact the funding, operation and mission of the system or any of its subdivisions)

SB 0271/HB 1348

Lottery: Creates the Tennessee Quality Teacher Fellowship for students pursuing a five year degree in education or a Master's degree for the purposes of teacher licensure. (Berke/Camper)

SB 0051/HB 2014

Guns on Campus: Allows faculty and staff at all public postsecondary institutions to carry weapons, including but not limited to firearms, if otherwise not prohibited by law. Should institutions fail to comply, then the institutions are obliged to guarantee and warrant the health, safety and property of all persons on the premises. (Campfield/Holt)

SB 0336/HB 0306

UT Foundation: Allows the University of Tennessee and the UT Foundation to enter into agreements designed to alter the Foundation's administrative and employee model in order to maximize its mission and its ability to benefit The University. (Gresham/Montgomery)

SB 0116/HB 0528

Articulation: Requires that all public postsecondary institutions arbitrarily implement articulation agreements for postsecondary courses taken at military schools, academies, colleges or other such institutions of the U.S. military branches. (Campfield/Forgety)

SB 1382/HB 1693

Tuition Waiver: Requires THEC to develop a tuition waiver program for persons who have been out of school for at least five years but are no more than four courses from meeting the requirments to graduate with a baccalaureate degree. (Finney/Fitzhugh)

SB 1401/HB 0015

Lottery: Changes the duration of lottery scholarship eligibility from the current maximum of five (5) years to a maximum of eight (8) semesters with certain exceptions for those Bachelor degree programs that, by design, exceed 120 semester hours. (Gresham/Brooks H.)

SB 0774/HB 0170

Lottery: Makes certain revisions to the lottery scholarship program to allow eligible students to receive the award for summer school in addition to the currently authorized Fall and Spring semesters. (Ketron/Coley)

SB 0008/HB 0764

Immigration: Requires all governmental entities, including institutions of higher education, to verify that all current and future employees are not illegal aliens by utilizing federal database programs to verify legal citizenship. (Campfield/Shipley)

SB 0009

Immigration: Requires all postsecondary institutions to utilize federal verification programs to insure that all applicants for admissions are not illegal aliens or international students without appropriate visas. (Campfield/no house sponsor)

SB 1233/HB 0763

Tuition Waiver: Mandates that all veterans or current members of the armed forces who are not residents of Tennessee shall be eligible for in-state tuition at any Tennessee public postsecondary institution. (Yager/Hurley)

SB 1262/HB 1173

Hearing Aids: Repeals the statutory prohibitions on employees and graduate students of postsecondary institution hearing centers from providing services and dispensing hearing aids. (Watson/Brooks,H.)

SB 1699/HB 1867

Tuition Discount: Allows children of retired teachers with twenty-five (25) years or more of service to receive a 25 percent discount towards tuition at any public postsecondary institution in Tennessee. (Burks/Shepard)

SB 0264/HB 0211

Locksmiths: Provides exemptions from licensure requirments for employees of public postsecondary institutions who provide locksmith services at facilities operated by the UT and TBR systems. (Tracy/Marsh)

SB 0398/HB 2015

Guns on Campus: Allows certain retired law enforcement personnel, veterans and current military personnel, including ROTC students, who are not otherwise prohibited by law to carry weapons, including but not limited to firearms, on campus. (Campfield/Holt)

SB 0726/HB 1349

Tuition Discount: Provides a 25 percent discount towards tuition at any public postsecondary institution for children of public school support personnel who are employed at least twenty-five (25) hours a week. (Tate/Towns)

SB 1343/HB 1902

State Lottery: As introduced, the legislation would completely eliminate the state lottery from Tennessee. (Summerville/Hensley)


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