Office of Special Events ยป 2012 Service Awards

Lorna Norwood

Lorna has been telling UT's story for 25 years.

Lorna began telling others UT's story as an employee in UT Medical Center's marketing department.

"My sister worked for the Medical Center at the time and told me that it was the best healthcare facility in the region," Lorna recalled. "I wanted to be part of telling that story."

For the past four years, Lorna has been sharing the Institute of Agriculture's story as director of marketing and communications. She has been successful in this endeavor, co-chairing one of the Institute's biggest projects in 2010, the UT Extension Centennial Celebration.

From the Medical Center to the Institute of Agriculture, Lorna credits the University with giving her many professional opportunities.

"I earned my degree while working full-time at UT, and I owe nearly everything I am and everything that I have to UT," Lorna said.

"I love the people of the Institute of Agriculture," she added. "They are the best people in the UT System."

When she is not busy sharing UT's story, Lorna enjoys traveling, dancing, reading and spending time with her dog, Gus, and her husband, Jim.


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