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Deborah Seward

Deborah Seward has spent her career helping Gibson County residents.

In her 35 years as a Gibson County UT Extension agent, Deborah Seward has been able to fulfill her life motto of helping the people she meets.

“Mrs. Sudie Alston, a retired Extension agent, suggested that I apply for Extension because she said I had the right personality: a sense of humor and a love for people,” she said.

Deborah has spent her career investing in the Gibson County community through her work with Family and Consumer Science programming and 4-H youth.

“Working with the 4-H program has been the most rewarding part of my job. They keep me on my toes and young,” Deborah said.

The connections that Deborah has made are statewide and have proven valuable. When her niece was coming home from graduate school at UT Knoxville several years ago, she was involved in a car wreck with her two-year-old child. Deborah was able to call a retired Extension agent to stay with her niece at the hospital until the family could get there.

“There are not many people that can say they have relatives and know people in every county. And that really means a lot,” she said.

When she’s not helping the residents of Gibson County, Deborah enjoys spending time with her husband, Fredrick, and their children, Andrea and Adrian. She also likes to scrapbook, read and travel.


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