Office of Special Events ยป 2012 Service Awards

Paula Spears

Paula has spent her career investing in adults and youth in Lewis County.

For 35 years, Paula has been helping Lewis County 4-H'ers and families through UT Extension.

Growing up as a 4-H'er in Alabama, Paula was familiar with land grant systems and Extension offices and was excited when the opportunity presented itself to work as a UT Extension agent.

Her career has been spent investing in Lewis County's adults and youth, and Paula's work with the 4-H program has been especially impactful.

"It has been so rewarding to see what 4-H can mean in the lives of children in Lewis County," she said. "There is so much you can teach them and such an opportunity to be a positive influence."

"I have developed leadership and communication skills that I didn't realize that I had," Paula added. "UT has given me a great career and the opportunity to go to a job that I love every day."

Paula is married to her husband, Howard, and has a son, Kyle. She enjoys reading, traveling and watching the birds from her porch.


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