The Chief Audit and Compliance Officer is a position created by state statute (TCA 49-14-102) and serves as an officer of the Board of Trustees. The duties are governed, in part, by the Bylaws of the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees. This position serves as the chief audit executive, leading internal audit, and as the chief compliance officer, leading the System’s Office of Institutional Compliance and the UT System Title IX function.

This position reports directly to the Chair of the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees and administratively to the Chief Financial Officer of the University. This position serves as the staff liaison to the Audit and Compliance Committee, organizes the Committee meetings, and meets regularly with Committee members to keep them apprised of audit, compliance, and risk issues. This position also serves as a member of the UT President’s staff to provide executive management with advice and to stay informed of strategic, governance, and risk issues.


Board of Trustees Confirms Brian Daniels as Chief Audit Hire

Brian Daniels, an experienced auditor in higher education, has been named the next chief audit and compliance officer of the University of Tennessee.

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