The UT System strategic plan establishes a vision and direction for the University’s success. Clearly defined goals ensure good stewardship and purposeful use of resources. The plan is also used to help identify potential risks and opportunities for UT and where important investments are needed.

Strategic Plan Pillars


Strategic Pillars

Enhancing Educational Excellence

Working Group Lead:
Linda Martin

Expanding Research Capacities

Working Group Lead:
Stacey Patterson

Fostering Outreach & Engagement

Working Group Leads:
Herb Byrd and Ashley Stokes

Ensuring Workforce & Administrative Excellence

Working Group Lead:
David Miller

Advocating for UT

Working Group Leads:
Tiffany Carpenter and Carey Whitworth



What does success look like?

  • An implementation plan that is less complex and is actionable and aligned across the System;
  • Data-informed goals and objectives, with UT’s “critical few” identified; and
  • Outcomes that represent our system-wide commitment to our students and the ambitious goals of the State.



For questions and information about the strategic plan, please contact Jorge Pérez: