(FY 2019-2020)

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1. Raise the Prominence of UT’s Research Profile Nationally


  • Benchmark and increase the number of faculty fellows, memberships into national academies and other national honors and awards
  • Grow opportunities with new research partners and collaborators
  • Increase research expenditures (as reported to NSF) by 7% per year
    Benchmark: $417m (FY18)

2. Expand Participation of Faculty, Staff and Students in Research


  • Benchmark and increase student participation in research (undergraduate, graduate and professional) by 5% per year
  • Increase number of doctoral and professional degrees conferred
  • Seek out opportunities to increase participation of diverse participants in research, including underrepresented minorities

3. Enhance the Impact of UT’s Research Programs


  • Benchmark and increase the number of citations and peer reviewed journal articles and other scholarly publications by 5% per year
  • Grow the number of commercial licenses for UT technologies by 10% per year
    Benchmark: 24 license agreements (FY18)
  • Engage alumni to develop a mentoring/support network for faculty/student startups and entrepreneurial endeavors


Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Goal

Increase participation of underrepresented minorities in research across UT


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