(FY 2019-2020)

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1. Increase the Number of Participants in Outreach and Engagement Activities


  • Ensure each UT campus and institute has reporting processes and recordkeeping software to effectively and consistently record and compile outreach and engagement activity
  • Increase outreach and engagement activities by 10% each yearTarget: 9,616,995 (2024-25)

    Benchmark: 4,935,039 (2017-18)

2. Continue to Increase UT’s Economic Impact across the State


  • Increase the estimated economic impact of UT on the Tennessee economy by 15% each yearTarget: $5,526,058,194 (2024-25)

    Benchmark: $2,077,449,960 (2017-18)

3. Identify Major Statewide Challenges for Which UT Can Provide Thought Leadership and Outreach Support While Also Deploying Resources and Expertise to Help Address These Issues


  • Provide leadership in mitigating the opioid crisis in Tennessee
  • Work with State leaders and UT researchers, faculty and students to identify other important issues that can be addressed through UT’s tripartite mission to educate, discover and connect


Diversity & Inclusive Excellence Goal

Reach new and more diverse audiences through outreach efforts that ensure contacts are more demographically representative of Tennessee’s diverse population

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