The 2019 strategic framework was a refresh of the previous UT System strategic plan (2012-2017). Planning involved more than 55 individuals in five working groups from across the UT System.

June 2019

University of Tennessee Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tonja Johnson presented the refreshed UT System Strategic Plan to the Board of Trustees

Strategic Plan Presentation PDF

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Each group included System and campus content experts, along with representation from Institutional Research and Marketing & Communications. All groups were charged with ensuring the identification of goals & objectives related to enhancing Diversity and Inclusive Excellence. The plan was also be used to help identify potential risks and opportunities for UT and where important resource investments were needed.


2019 Working Groups

Enhancing Educational Excellence

  • Linda Martin (Co-champion), Vice President for Academic Affairs & Student Success, UTSA
  • David Golden (Co-champion), Professor & Faculty Fellow, UTIA
  • Caula Beyl, Herbert College of Agriculture Dean, UTIA
  • Phil Cavalier, Provost, UTM
  • Yancy Freeman, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Success, UTC
  • Lori Gonzalez, Vice Chancellor, Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs, UTHSC
  • Jerold Hale, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UTC
  • Brian Hester, Assistant Director of the Office of Institutional Research, UTSA
  • Andy Lewter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UTM
  • David Manderscheid, Provost, UTK
  • Tyvi Small, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Engagement, UTK
  • Melissa Tindell, Office of Communications and Marketing, UTSA
  • UT Student Trustee, UT Board of Trustees

Expanding Research Capacities

  • Stacey Patterson (Champion), Vice President for Research/President UT Research Foundation (UTSA)
  • Steven Goodman, Vice Chancellor for Research, UTHSC
  • Dennis Hengstler, Associate Vice President & Director of Institutional Research, UTSA
  • Edward Kraft, Associate Director of Research, UTSI
  • Sally Morris, Senior Director of Foundation Engagement, UTFI
  • Robert Nobles, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, UTK
  • Joanne Romagni, Vice Chancellor for Research, UTC
  • Jennifer Sicking, Office of Communications and Marketing, UTSA
  • Hongwei Xin, Dean of AgResearch, UTIA

Fostering Outreach & Engagement

  • Herb Byrd, III (Co-champion), Vice President of the Institute for Public Service, IPS
  • Robert Burns (Co-champion), Extension Dean and Professor, UTIA
  • Lynn Alexander, Dean, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Ken Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor, UTHSC
  • Michael Carter, Assistance Vice President for Finance and Operations, UTFI
  • Charley Deal, Executive Director of Research, Outreach & Economic Development, UTM
  • Allen Dupont, Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, UTHSC
  • John Freeze, Director of the Center for Professional Education, UTC
  • John Lacey, Project Manager, Office of Communications & Marketing, UTSA
  • Javiette Samuel, Director of Community Engagement & Outreach, UTK
  • Ann Yoachim, Clinical Professor and Director of Community Partnerships, UTC

Ensuring Workforce & Administrative Excellence

  • David Miller (Champion), Chief Financial Officer, UTSA
  • Chandra Alston, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, UTHSC
  • Ellie Amador, Director of Marketing, Office of Communications and Marketing, UTSA
  • Richard Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, UTC
  • Chris Cimino, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, UTK
  • Tim Fawver, Chief Business Officer, UTIA
  • Dennis Hengstler, Associate Vice President/Director of Institutional Research, UTSA
  • Mary Lucal, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, UTK
  • Petra McPhearson, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, UTM
  • Sherry Sims (on behalf of the UT CHRO), Office of Human Resources, UTSA
  • Steve Thompson, Assistant Vice President, IPS

Advocating for UT

  • Anthony Haynes (Co-champion), Vice President for Government Relations & Advocacy, UTSA
  • Tiffany Carpenter (Co-champion), Associate Vice President, Office of Communications & Marketing, UTSA
  • Sally Badoud, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing, UTHSC
  • Bradley Bell, Assistant Director, New Student & Family Programs, UTC
  • Tisha Benton, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing, UTK
  • Denise Gardner, Assistant Provost and Director of Institutional Research, UTK
  • Bud Grimes, Chief Communications Officer, UTM
  • George Heddleston, Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications & Marketing, UTC
  • Susan Robertson, Information Specialist, IPS
  • Tom Satkowiak, Associate Athletics Director for Communications, UTK
  • Lisa Stearns, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing, UTIA
  • Carey Whitworth, Assistant Vice President for Government Relations and Advocacy, UTSA
  • Kerry Witcher, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs and Programs/President and CEO of the UT Foundation, Inc., UTSA/UTFI