Defining the Future: The University of Tennessee Strategic Plan

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The UT System is in the process of updating the strategic plan. All information on this site reflects goals and progress from 2012 – 2017.

Phase 1 Implementation Actions

Initiatives and action items within each strategic planning goal have been identified for the first two years.

Goal 1: Enhancing Educational Excellence

• Initial focus area: Determine alternative delivery systems for education

• Progress highlights

  • Conducted instructor surveys and campus-specific assessments of existing online and blended offerings
  • Assessed areas of duplication and opportunities for cooperation
  • Discussed campus and system goals
  • Agreed emphasis should be on fee structures going forward
» Phase 1 Report

Goal 2: Expanding Research Capacities

• Initial focus areas:

  • Form a System Research Committee to define and develop outcome and impact measures for research and ensure compliance
  • Develop an Industry Advisory Council comprised of external partners and integrate that group’s input with UT’s research goals and initiatives

• Progress highlights
  • Formed System Research Committee and developing committee’s goals and objectives
  • Discussed steps necessary to forming Industry Advisory Council
  • Preparing system-wide research plan
» Phase 1 Report

Goal 3: Fostering Outreach and Engagement

• Initial focus area: Develop outreach and engagement models to be used across the System

• Progress highlights:

  • Identified need for common data elements and began drafting
  • Assessed IT infrastructure for capturing, reporting and analyzing outreach and engagement activities
  • Drafting outreach and engagement model
» Phase 1 Report

Goal 4: Ensuring Effectiveness and Efficiency

• Initial focus area: Assess systems and processes to ensure service delivery and support and eliminate barriers for campus and institute strategic goals

• Progress highlights

  • Reviewed policies and practices across the system
  • Determined opportunities for improving and streamlining budgeting and purchasing processes; Also agreed to evaluate training programs within IT and human resources
  • Conducted listening tour led by IT to gather feedback on challenges related to processes and systems
» Phase 1 Report

Goal 5: Advocating for UT

• Initial focus area: Form a System-wide Marketing and Communications Committee to align messages and identify synergies across the System

• Progress highlights:

  • Formed Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Conducted brainstorming session among committee members
  • Performing SWOT analysis of state’s needs and UT’s ability to meet them
  • Developing a messaging platform based on assessment
» Phase 1 Report