Defining the Future: The University of Tennessee Strategic Plan

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The UT System is in the process of updating the strategic plan. All information on this site reflects goals and progress from 2012 – 2017.

Implementation Champions

Implementation Champions are advocates for each goal representing each campus and institute who will lead the activities to implement the first phase of the Strategic Plan.

UT Knoxville

  • Goal 1   Susan Martin, Provost
  • Goal 2   Taylor Eighmy, VC Research and Engagement
  • Goal 3   Elizabeth Burman, Campus Outreach/Engagement Coordinator, Office of Research
  • Goal 4   Chris Cimino, VC Finance & Administration
  • Goal 5   Margie Nichols, VC Communications

UT Chattanooga

  • Goal 1   Mary Tanner, Provost
  • Goal 2   Greg Heath, Assistant Provost for Research and Engagement
  • Goal 3   Deborah Arfken, Professor of Political Science
  • Goal 4   Richard Brown, CFO and Senior VC for Finance, Operations and Information Technology
  • Goal 5   Chuck Cantrell, Associate VC for Communications and Marketing

UT Martin

  • Goal 1   Jerald Ogg, Provost & VC Academic Affairs
  • Goal 2   Joan West, Director of Research, Grants, & Contracts
  • Goal 3   Tommy Cates, Executive Director of Online & Extended Campus
  • Goal 4   Nancy Yarbrough, VC Finance & Administration
  • Goal 5   Bud Grimes, Director of University Relations

UT Health Science Center

  • Goal 1   Cheryl Scheid, VC Academic Affairs
  • Goal 2   Larry Pfeffer, Professor, Pathology
  • Goal 3   Ken Brown, Executive VC, Chief of Staff
  • Goal 4   Tony Ferrara, VC Finance & Operations
  • Goal 5   Randy Farmer, VC Development

UT Institute of Agriculture

  • Goal 1   Caula Beyl, Dean College of Agricultural Science & Natural Resources
  • Goal 2   Bill Brown, Dean Experiment Station
  • Goal 3   Tim Cross, Dean Ag Extension
  • Goal 4   Steve Glafenhein, Director UTIA Supplies & Services
  • Goal 5   Larry Arrington, Chancellor Institute of Agriculture

Institute for Public Service

  • Goal 2   Steve Thompson, Assistant VP IPS
  • Goal 4   Chuck Shoopman, Assistant VP IPS
  • Goal 5   Jim Thomas, Executive Director MTAS

UT System Administration

  • Goal 1   Katie High, VP Academic Affairs
  • Goal 2   David Millhorn, Executive VP
                  Stacey Patterson, Assistant VP & Director of Research Partnerships
  • Goal 4   Butch Peccolo, Treasurer & CFO
  • Goal 5   Anthony Haynes, VP for Government Relations & Advocacy
                  Tojna Johnson, VP of Communications and Marketing