Defining the Future: The University of Tennessee Strategic Plan

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The UT System is in the process of updating the strategic plan. All information on this site reflects goals and progress from 2012 – 2017.

Executive Summary

Defining the Future: The UT System Strategic Plan, 2012-2017

Part One: Revised Mission Statements

University of Tennessee System

The University of Tennessee System, through its multiple campuses and institutes, serves the people of Tennessee and beyond through the discovery, communication and application of knowledge. The System is committed to providing undergraduate, graduate and professional education programs in a diverse learning environment that prepares students to be leaders in a global society. The UT System’s delivery of education, discovery, outreach and public service contributes to the economic, social and environmental well-being of all Tennesseans.

University of Tennessee System Administration

The mission of the University of Tennessee System Administration is to advance the educational, discovery, creative and outreach programs of the campuses and institutes through leadership that removes obstacles, understands needs, provides advocacy, secures resources, promotes accountability, fosters diversity, promotes innovation, coordinates campus efforts and delivers efficient and effective central services.

Part Two: UT System Administration Strategic Goals, 2012-2017

(Each goal will have several initiatives and action items for implementation over the next 24 months. Many of the action items in Years 1-2 must occur before the other recommendations can take place in Years 3-5. Implementation teams appointed by the President and Chancellors are developing the operating plans to begin implementing the Plan.)

Goal 1: Enhancing Educational Excellence

Increase the number, quality and diversity of students graduating from the UT System and benefiting from its distinct educational portfolio to produce at each campus and institute the most capable and best-prepared workforce for society.

Goal 2: Expanding Research Capacities

Develop support systems for System research efforts that solve critical problems and issues, expand economic development and enhance the quality of life in Tennessee, the nation and the world.

Goal 3: Fostering Outreach and Engagement

Engage members of the UT System community in outreach, engagement and service to improve communities and the quality of life of residents in Tennessee, with emphasis on economic development.

Goal 4: Ensuring Effectiveness and Efficiency

Systematically invest in the UT System’s infrastructure and rigorously implement support mechanisms and practices that ensure the success of Strategic Plan aspirations and goals and effective and efficient delivery of services.

Goal 5: Advocating for the University of Tennessee System

Promote awareness and advocacy for the University of Tennessee System and its distinctive contributions to improving the education, economic development and quality of life of the citizens of Tennessee.

Part Three: Dashboard Framework

The Strategic Plan dashboard tracks progress on each strategic goal as well as overall impact and a separate tracking for progress toward Complete College Tennessee Act requirements. It is interactive—by clicking on each dial, visitors can access drill-down lists that provide more detailed supporting data.

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