To be eligible to receive the UT Promise scholarship, transfer students must have a family household income under $50,000/year and qualify for the Tennessee HOPE scholarship. Qualifying students can transfer from any institution.


Family household income

Family household income is defined as “the accurate, verifiable total combined amount of parent and student adjusted gross income and untaxed income of less than $50,000, AND a total maximum asset amount of less than $75,000, as defined on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).”


Tennessee HOPE Scholarship

Eligible current UT students must qualify for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship by meeting the following criteria:

  • Must be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship upon graduation from a Tennessee High School by meeting one of the following:
    • Minimum 21 ACT; or minimum 1060 SAT; or Overall minimum 3.0 GPA


  • A student who is eligible for the HOPE Scholarship but instead enrolls in an out-of-state postsecondary institution up to 16 months immediately following high school graduation may transfer to an eligible Tennessee postsecondary institution and receive the HOPE Scholarship
  • HOPE Scholarship eligibility for transfer students is determined by the prior college HOPE Cumulative GPA at the student’s last benchmark. Once students reach a benchmark at UT we will then use the UT calculated HOPE GPA for determining continued eligibility

Students who believe they are eligible for HOPE and have never received HOPE Scholarship payments will need to self-identify and provide a copy of their final high school transcript and test scores to The University of Tennessee Office of Admissions.

Visit the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship page for more information on Tennessee HOPE eligibility.

In order to receive the HOPE Scholarship at the University of Tennessee, eligible transfer students must:

  • Send all prior college final transcripts to UT to be reviewed prior to HOPE Scholarship payment to student
  • Confirm that The University of Tennessee is listed as their institution of preference on the TSAC student portal for the academic year that they are transferring to UT



Maintaining Eligibility

To maintain UT Promise eligibility, students must complete the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time, continuously enrolled student
  • Maintain the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship
  • Complete the FAFSA annually
  • Complete 8 volunteer service hours each semester
  • Complete mentoring requirements each semester


If you meet the eligibility requirements for transfer students, apply now!

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