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Patricia McDaniels

UT has provided Patty McDaniels with a lifetime of memories.

Patty McDaniels’ life is filled with UT memories.

From football game days as a little girl to camping out for Alabama tickets as a UT Knoxville student, Patty was already a Vol for life when she was offered the opportunity to work for UT.

“I never dreamed I would be able to combine my love of writing and my interest in science with a position at UT, but when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance,” she said.

For the past 25 years, Patty has worked for the UT Institute of Agriculture. She currently is an editor with the office of Marketing and Communications Services. As an editor, Patty helps share the Institute’s story with others.

“Everyone has a stake in the efforts of the Institute,” Patty said. “So, for a writer, it’s easy to feel like you’re making an impact because you get to tell stories that speak to a lot of people.”

Patty also values UT’s focus on family, which has allowed her the flexibility to be there for her family.

“I never missed a kindergarten luncheon for my son or a visit with any of my mom’s doctors,” she said.

Patty and her husband, Robert, have a son, Andrew. Patty’s first priority is being a mom, but she also enjoys gardening and exercising her dogs.


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