The University of Tennessee’s Office of Special Events was created to support the system campuses, departments, and institutes in planning major special events. Because the University is large and its initiatives are great, it is important that there is a centralized office that is committed to assisting in the scheduling and execution of major events.

Special events are regularly conducted at all levels and locations throughout the UT system in support of its strategic vision and brand identity. The Office of Special Events seeks to provide a consistent and positive image for the University while maintaining maximum flexibility for events to appropriately reflect the distinctiveness of the campus, department, or institute responsible for planning and sponsoring the event. When involved, the office offers guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  • Maintain UT’s positive brand image
  • Maintain the University’s strategic vision and internal communications plan
  • Help campuses, departments, and institutes avoid conflicts when scheduling events
  • Help the Office of the President in maximizing event-appearance opportunities
  • Provide presidential protocol guidelines for special guests and invitees
  • Maximize University resources