Every day, the University of Tennessee impacts the lives of Tennesseans throughout the state. Read more below about the diversity of ways in which the University impacts Tennesseans everywhere by fulfilling its mission to Educate, Discover and Connect.


Innovating for the Future

The McWherter Institute at UT Martin exposes talented, creative sophomores to unique experiences outside the classroom.

Growing STEM Enrollment and Graduation

A multifaceted strategy for boosting output in science, technology, engineering and math majors is paying off.

Engineering Impact

UT Chattanooga students get hands-on experience designing and building assistive technology to meet real needs.


A Powerful Partnership

The University of Tennessee is Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s largest research partner.

Impacting the Manufacturing Sector

UT is a leader in the nation’s advanced manufacturing research, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy and the White House.

Research Game-Changers

Our sixteen Governor’s Chairs are moving science forward in fields ranging from advanced manufacturing and biomedical informatics to global nuclear security and polymer science.


Outreach with Impact

Through its extensive outreach statewide, IPS works to increase Tennessee’s prosperity and competitiveness.

UT Advocates Help Save West Tennessee 4-H Camp

A legislative victory in 2015 let a new West Tennessee 4-H site move forward and led to many happy campers.

Where Does UTHSC Make its Impact?

The UT Health Science Center has educated more than 57,000 healthcare professionals since 1911. Today it’s responsible for 26,700 jobs across the state.

Budget Advisory Group

Closing a Funding Gap

Over the five years he’s been president of the University of Tennessee, Joe DiPietro’s most unexpected challenge came from a paradigm shift in how the University gets its funding.