This video was prepared as an introduction to the 2016 State of UT address, and demonstrates the University’s Strategic Plan update.

The University of Tennessee has prepared me for a bright future.

The University of Tennessee is innovating the way we do business.

The University of Tennessee helps me solve critical health problems.

The University of Tennessee helps me connect with communities across the state.

Our presence can be seen and felt in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties through the University of Tennessee’s four campuses and two statewide institutes.

Through education, research and outreach, we are able to serve a wide variety of constituents throughout the state. This is achieved by recruiting and graduating Tennessee’s very best students while enabling research, sustainable development, economic enterprise and encouraging cultural and social diversity.

Four years ago, the University of Tennessee System created a strategic plan to establish a vision for the university to expand our impact with five goals:

Enhance educational excellence.
Expand research capacities.
Foster outreach and engagement.
Ensure effectiveness and efficiency.
Advocate for UT.
We are on track to meet our most important goals, but are not resting on our successes. We are committed to becoming more effective, efficient and entrepreneurial.

We recently completed a strategic plan refresh to build on the momentum and achievements created during the plan’s first two years and advance the University’s vision for a “best in class” system.

Over the past year, the University underwent a process to rethink the way we do business to create more sustainable, reliable funding for public higher education through a Revised Business Model.

Facing a projected 247.5 million dollar funding gap over the next 10 years, we have engaged the UT community in a proactive exercise that leverages today’s solid financial standing to consider opportunities to:

Generate additional revenue growth through research, philanthropy, business and educational partnerships
Accelerate efficiencies through infrastructure improvements and cost savings – and
Re-envision the University’s business plan into a new model for public higher education
Through Strategic Talent Management, we want to create a performance-based culture within a “best place to work” setting that promotes professional development, retention, and a positive work environment with increased competency and productivity across the University workplace.

Through Information and Data Management we will increase access to knowledge and innovation across the System to improve service to the state and its residents.

Through Communications and Marketing, we will raise the visibility of the University while strengthening its leadership position in the state, nation and world.

Through Research and Industry Partnerships, we will bring the University, research and business communities together and drive research efforts to solve global problems while improving the lives of people in Tennessee and beyond.

Here at the University of Tennessee, our future is bright and our vision is clear.

Join us as we lay the foundation for the future of higher education in our state.