A record-low tuition increase and dramatic reduction in a projected funding gap top the University of Tennessee’s list of its biggest stories of 2017.

More than a half-dozen senior UT leadership posts saw new faces in 2017, enrollment trended upward or broke records on multiple campuses, and scientists—who made news in everything from honey bees to dogwood trees—achieved a record, system-wide $481 million in research and sponsored program expenditures. UT research also led to the filing of 98 patents, 166 new invention disclosures and 17 new license agreements.

The system-wide alumni magazine, Tennessee Alumnus, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017 with a celebration of the most accomplished graduates of any UT campus over the last 100 years.

Almost 12,000 new graduates earned UT degrees; more than 4,000 faculty, staff and students broke a Guinness World Record; and UT President Joe declared this to be a landmark time in Tennessee history.

Join us here in looking back on 2017 at the University of Tennessee system.

UT Alumni throughout the United States and worldwide

2017 by the Numbers


UT System-wide
Undergraduate 39,162
Graduate/Professional 10,717
Total 49,879

UT Knoxville
Undergraduate 22,317
Graduate/Professional 6,004
Total 28,321

UT Chattanooga
Undergraduate 10,176
Graduate 1,411
Total 11,587

UT Martin
Undergraduate 6,330
Graduate 442
Total 6,772

UT Health Science Center
Undergraduate 339
Graduate/Professional 2,860
Total 3,199


Retention Rates
Freshman to Sophomore
UT System-wide 81%
UT Knoxville 85.5%
UT Chattanooga 72.6%
UT Martin 76.1%

Graduation Rates
Six-Year, New First-Time, Full-Time Freshmen
UT System-wide 46.9%
UT Knoxville 70.2%
UT Chattanooga 44.9%
UT Martin 50.2%

Degrees Awarded*

*Academic year 2016-2017

UT System-wide
Bachelor’s 8,314
Graduate/Professional 3,427
Total 11.741
UT Knoxville
Bachelor’s 4,837
Graduate/Professional 2,107
Total 6,944
UT Chattanooga
Bachelor’s 2,090
Graduate/Professional 439
Total 2,529
UT Martin
Bachelor’s 1,240
Graduate/Professional 94
Total 1,334
UT Health Science Center
Undergraduate 147
Graduate/Professional 787
Total 934
UT Alumni
Worldwide 375,485
Outside U.S. 2,228
United States 373,257
Tennessee 223,517
Tennessee Legislature: (of 132 members) 30


UT Advocates
Alumni and Friends engaged and involved in public policy on the University’s behalf 6,029


University Outreach
UT Extension Contacts 4,300,000
Tennessee 4-H Serves 1,900,000
UT Extension Value $9.88 return for every $1 invested
IPS Contacts 277,317
UT CVM Patients 34,215