The General Counsel is the chief legal officer for the University of Tennessee and all its constituent parts. The General Counsel serves as the primary legal advisor to the President as it relates to anticipating potential legal concerns related to high-level decision-making and advising the UT executive leadership team on matters with potential legal implications. The General Counsel also assists and advises on a wide range of topics including high-level human resources issues, policy development and implementation, federal and state compliance, shared governance, intellectual property, student and employee misconduct, issues pertaining to athletics and other potential legal matters impacting institutions of higher education.

The General Counsel and attorneys working under the General Counsel’s supervision are responsible for all legal matters affecting the University, including representation of the University and University officials in legal actions.

The General Counsel is appointed by the by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the President and serves on the University of Tennessee executive leadership team, reporting directly to the President.