All contracts linked below are PDF documents, copied from the signed originals.

UT Knoxville Athletic Coaches

Beth Alford-Sullivan (Head Track and Field/Cross Country Coach)

Derrick Ansley (Assistant Football Coach)

Rick Barnes (Head Men’s Basketball Coach)

Jim Chaney (Assistant Football Coach)

Craig Fitzgerald (Director of Strength and Conditioning)

Will Friend (Assistant Football Coach)

Lisa Glenn (Head Rowing Coach)

Kellie Harper (Head Women’s Basketball Coach)

David Johnson (Assistant Football Coach)

Matthew Kredich (Head Swimming Coach)

Tee Martin (Assistant Football Coach)
Memorandum of Understanding – Tee Martin

Alison Ojeda (Head Women’s Tennis Coach)

Judith Pavon (Head Women’s Golf Coach)

Brian Pensky (Head Soccer Coach)

Jeremy Pruitt (Head Football Coach)

Eve Rackham (Head Volleyball Coach)

Tracy Rocker (Assistant Football Coach)

Chris Rumph (Assistant Football Coach)

Kevin Sherrer (Assistant Football Coach)

Tony Vitello (Head Baseball Coach)

Holly Warlick (Head Women’s Basketball Coach)

Brennan Webb (Head Men’s Golf Coach)

Karen Weekly (Co-Head Softball Coach)

Ralph Weekly (Co-Head Softball Coach)

Chris Weinke (Assistant Football Coach)

Chris Woodruff (Head Men’s Tennis Coach)