Student Program and Services Fee
The new policy for use of the Student Program and Services Fee (SPSF) has been implemented at UT Knoxville. The new process includes opportunities for student input and student collaboration in the execution of programs while ensuring that the programs are organized and operated by the office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life, as required by Board of Trustees policy. SPSF funds are no longer allocated to any registered student organization, including the organization that coordinates Sex Week.
UT Statement on Sex Week at UTK
The schedule for the student-led event Sex Week on the UT Knoxville campus has been released by student organizers. Last Friday, in response to policy considerations contained in the Tennessee Comptroller’s Special Report on Sex Week at UT Knoxville, the UT Board of Trustees determined that the university will no longer allocate student programming funding to registered student organizations. Beginning this fall, the administration will be accountable for making decisions on funding programming that benefits students, and the administration will be working with the campus community to develop a plan to enable students to provide input. The board’s action did not invalidate student activity fee funds already allocated as of March 1, including funds allocated to the student organization responsible for Sex Week. Students are exercising their constitutional rights, and they have expressed an intent to continue the event in future years even without university funding.