Moving You Closer to a Debt-Free Degree

UT Promise is an undergraduate scholarship program guaranteeing free tuition and mandatory fees for qualifying Tennessee residents attending UT’s campuses in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Pulaski, Martin and Memphis.

This innovative scholarship will cover a student’s last-dollar amount of tuition and mandatory fees after other financial aid is applied (such as Pell grants, HOPE Scholarship or other institutional scholarships) to students who qualify for HOPE and whose family household income is under $50,000 a year. For students enrolling in Fall 2022 or after, the family household income will increase to $60,000 a year. Students enrolling in Spring 2022 will still be subject to the $50,000 household income.

UT Promise is a student-success oriented scholarship program that requires students to complete volunteer service hours and meet with a volunteer mentor each semester to ensure a successful student experience.


If you are in the process of applying for next Fall, please check the timelines for your next steps.


Eligible students include graduating high school seniors, transfer students, nontraditional students, and current students who have never previously applied to UT Promise. Find out if you are eligible.

Family household income is defined as “the accurate, verifiable total combined amount of parent and student adjusted gross income and untaxed income of less than $60,000, AND a total maximum asset amount of less than $75,000, as defined on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


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