Last-dollar programs consider any additional public funding or grants that the student is eligible for, like a federal Pell Grant. The amount of last-dollar funding that will be provided to cover the tuition and mandatory fees costs will vary from student to student and will depend on other public funding for which the student is eligible. Last-dollar programs only cover the last-dollar amount of costs left over after other financial aid is applied. UT Promise will only cover the last-dollar amount of tuition and mandatory fees. UT Promise does not pay for books or other post-secondary expenses, including, but not limited to, program of study fees (course fees/differential fees), late registration fees, housing fees, meal plan fees, etc.

Below is an example of how UT Promise will cover the last-dollar amount for three different students. These examples are based on an average of UT’s campuses’ tuition costs but do not reflect actual costs.

Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
Tuition & Mandatory Fees   $11,000   $11,000   $11,000
Program of Study   $600   $0   $0
HOPE -$4,000 -$4,000 -$4,000
Pell Grant -$7,395 -$5,000 -$5,000
Institutional Scholarship  -$0  -$1,500  -$2,000
Total Cost after Financial Aid   $205   $500   $0
UT Promise  +$1,000
You Pay*  $0  $0  $0
Excess UT Promise Funds Received** $795 $500 $1,000


Download This Example Handout [PDF]


Please note that you will still be responsible for covering any additional costs beyond tuition and mandatory fees, such as room & board and book expenses.