Mentoring can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience that allows you to shape your mentee’s behavior, work ethic and social identity. Through meaningful guidance, mentees gain insight into their goals that can guide them throughout their collegiate years and beyond.


NOTE: Once the UT Promise team has completed your background check and confirmed your mentorship, you will receive an email invitation to create an account in the UT Promise Mentor Platform. Do not create an account before receiving this invitation.

Based on feedback received through the UT Promise Mentor Survey, we are making a few changes with the program starting in Fall 2023.

  1. Changing how we use the UT Promise Mentor Platform: UT Promise Mentor Platform will only be used for matching and messaging between mentors and their assigned UT Promise mentee(s) until further notice. Certain platform functionality will be disabled moving forward. This will allow us to make needed improvements in the platform. Mentors and UT Promise students will still need to complete their profiles on the platform and will be able to communicate through their inbox to set up mentor meetings throughout the semester.
  2. Using Zoom and Other Virtual Platforms: Mentors and their assigned UT Promise mentees will now have the flexibility to meet over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other virtual platforms, and are welcome to arrange in-person mentor meetings if that is a suitable option.
  3. Reporting Mentor Meetings: Mentors must report the completion of each mentor meeting in the mentor platform, which can be accessed by clicking the button above.

Mentorship can be as simple as assisting students with their time management skills or forming a deep connection that can last a lifetime. According to tnAchieves, 7,728 Tennesseans participate in mentorships with prospective college students statewide, offering these students the assistance they need to have a successful college experience.

Become a UT Promise Mentor

To be eligible to be a UT Promise mentor, you must be at least 21 years old.

  1. Complete a UT Promise Mentor Application.
  2. Complete a Background Check. UT Promise will provide more details on this after you have completed your mentor training.
  3. Complete a Mandatory One-Hour Mentor Training.
  4. Complete your profile on the UT Promise Mentor Platform to be matched with a student.

Mentor Resources